Part shared loads, sinlge items, furniture to/from France, Switzerland & Belgium weekly runs to/from London, small, medium up to one bed flat move

Collection date/country Collection Delivery Offer Cubic Capacity Available
Weekly Paris, France, London London, UK & Paris Up to 30% Part/Full Loads
Weekly part loads Brussels & Luxembourg London & Belgium Amsterdam, Holland Part share loads
Weekly London to Switzerland Geneva, Basel, Zurich 1/2 price up to 18m3
1st/2nd August 2020 Rome/Italy London 18m3 any size load considered
28th May 2020 London Bergerac/Bordeaux part/shared loads up to 18m3
10th June 2020 London Frankfurt/Germany part shared loads up to 18m3
2nd July 2020 The Alps/Geneva London up to 18m3 up to 18m3
22nd July 2020 London & South East Paris, Lille, Normandie, Rouen part shared removals full load
28th July 2020 London Monaco/Provence part shared, house removals 18 m3
12th June 2020 Lyon London part loads removals 18m3
1st & 15th July 2020 London Brussels/Belgium part shared loads 10-15m3
26th June 2020 Limoges/Dordogne London 36 m3 Part loads removals